Z Series Scroll Air Cooling Condensing Unit

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 High Speed Refrigeration: Large refrigeration capacity and efficient heat exchange to ensure food quality

 High Reliability: Stable Pperation, Low Failure Rate, Long Service Life

 Energy Saving: Improve energy efficiency, Environmental-friendly

 Wide Application: Suitable for high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature cold storage-31℃ to 10℃ wide operation range


Well-known Brand Refrigeration Scroll Compressor: High reliability, High energy efficiency, Wide operation range

Hign and Medium Temp. Series
Low Temp. Series
Low Temp. Freezing
Evaporation Temperature -12~10 -30~0

 Air Condenser with Hydrophilic Film Coating and Inner Spiral Copper Pipes: Higner heat exchange area, heat exchange efficiency and corrosion resistance

 Larger Air Condenser and Fan Motor Power: More suitable for high ambient temperature and seasonal cold storage

 Thickened Shell Made from Professional Air Conditioner Manufacturer

 Standard Configuration: compressor, air condenser, low noise air conditioning fan, solenoid valve, filter, liquid reservoir, oil filled high and low pressure gauge, high / low pressure controller, liquid sight glass, 3GS / POE refrigeration oil

 Optional Configuration: silencing cotton, adjustable speed fan, low-pressure controller (for low-pressure shutdown), hot fluorine defrosting valve, oil separator, gas separator, compressor contactor, single protector

Application:Cold Room, Freezer, Supermarket, Food Processingetc.

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