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Evaporation Range:minimum -40℃

Zfi series low-temperature refrigeration scroll condensing unit adopts Emerson Copeland ZFI series low-temperature refrigeration scroll compressor and high efficiency condenser.


Energy efficiency throughout the year
Can operate at condensation temperatures as low as 4.4℃, providing high seasonal energy efficiency

 Air jet enthalpy increasing technology makes the energy efficiency ratio of zfi compressor higher than that of single-stage compressor in low temperature application, with excellent performance.
 Large refrigeration capacity, compact design, small volume, light weight, easy to maintain and repair
 The Emerson evi jet enthalpy increasing accessories can be selected to control the jet enthalpy increasing circuit, and ensure the compressor operates stably under the safe exhaust temperature.
Achieve unmatched energy efficiency ratio: 5% - 20% improvement; at low temperature, the use of jet enthalpy technology can increase the average cooling capacity of the system by 50% and the energy efficiency ratio by 20%
 Various refrigerants are available

应用范围Refrigeratory, freezer, seafood, frozen ice cream, frozen food

ZFI low temperature refrigeration scroll condensing unit offers 4-30HP, and its applicable refrigerant includes R22, R404a, etc.

Air Cooling Series

Water Cooling Series

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