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Designed for -18℃ Cold Storage

Evaporation Range:-30℃~0℃

ZSI medium to low temperature scroll condensing unit adopts the Emerson Copland ZSI refrigeration scroll compressor and the highly efficient condenser.


High Reliability

- Patented bi-directional flexible design enables the vortex disk to separate along the axial and radial direction

- Fluid and debris pass through the scroll without damaging the compressor

- Easy to repair and maintain

 Wide Range Operation: low to medium temperature application covering - 30 ℃ to 0 ℃ evaporation temperature

CoreSense Diagnostic module

- Through the CoreSense controlled liquid injection technology can monitor the temperature of the exhaust pipe to realize the precise control of the liquid injection quantity, and avoid the fault caused by the high exhaust temperature of the compressor.

 -LED light shows the operation status of exhaust pipe temperature sensor and electronic expansion valve to help customers determine the cause of failure more quickly and accurately.

Low System Design / Operation Costs

High Efficiency and Energy Ssaving

Lower Noise and Vibration Levels

 Convenient Installation: light weight and small size

ApplicationAll kinds of medium and low temperature refrigerators, including walk-in refrigerators

ZSI medium to low temperature scroll condensing unit offers 2-7.5HP, and its applicable refrigerant includes R22, R404a, etc.

Air Cooling Series

Water Cooling Series

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